Business Voice Political Committee is group of diverse businesses from across the region.  We are a non-partisan group that believes the only way to make a difference in the political process is to be involved and informed.  Our 2018 Election Guide is meant to provide insight to local voters, as they research races and Amendments.


All candidates are asking the voting public for a job. The business community takes very seriously the opportunity to interview candidates and consider their qualifications for the office they seek.   Our Board of Directors has conducted a rigorous review of each race, including written candidate surveys and in person interviews.  In those races where the board can not reach consensus, they may choose not to endorse anyone.  We publish our endorsements on our 2018 Endorsements page as a resource for voters, as they seek to decide for themselves who and what to vote for.

We have also compiled a voter guide to the 2018 Ballot Amendments. In addition to the 3 amendments placed on the November General Election ballot by the Florida Legislature, there are 2 amendments brought up by the petition process and 8 placed on by the Florida Constitutional Review Committee*. These are all amendments to our state constitution and we hope all voters will take the time to research and understand these issues thoroughly before they vote.

You may be interested in reading amendment summaries and positions from these other organizations:

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*Numerous Amendments have been challenged in the courts and all 13 may not appear on the final General Election Ballot