2019 Training Sponsors

Support the Leaders of Tomorrow

There is a need for common sense leadership and pragmatic approach to policy.  Business Voice is non-partisan and supports pro-business candidates who recognize the impact of their elected office extends beyond their district, to the larger region, and those candidates who are able to effectively govern to ensure the local and state government help, and not hinder, our regional economy.

Too often, the process of running for office is a deterrent for professional men and women who otherwise have a great deal to offer their community in terms of knowledge and experience.  To that end, Business Voice hosted a Candidate Training in the Fall of 2017  and again in the Spring of 2019.   These educational seminars would not have been possible without the support of these businesses and associations.  Thank you for investing in the future leadership of the Space Coast! 

2017 sponsors:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of the candidate training is an opportunity for activist minded local businesses to ensure quality pro-business candidates can be successful at the ballot box.  Business Voice is happy to partner with like-minded interest groups or associations to increase reach and effectiveness of this training opportunity.  It is also an opportunity for local businesses to market their services to likely candidates.  

Dates for the 2019 training have been set for May 3rd and 4th 2019.   Email ksrudloff@businessvoicepac.com to discuss how you can support this program.

$5,000.00 Partnership Sponsorship   Listing in promotional materials as event partner – “Business Voice Political Committee, in partnership with…. hosts a candidate training”, time at the event to discuss your business or organization with the candidates, table top materials and unlimited tickets for your employees or association members to attend the networking reception

$1,000.00 Training Sponsorship   Listing in promotional materials, time at the event to discuss your business with the candidates, table top materials, 10 tickets to attend the networking reception

$500.00 and $250.00 Meal or Break Sponsorship –   A business or organization may sponsor a meal or break time, table top materials, 5 or 2 tickets to attend the networking reception.

For more information or to sponsor the 2019 Candidate Training, please email info@businessvoicepac.com.