2017 Candidate Training Agenda

Experienced political consultants from across the state who work with candidates and organizations on both sides of the aisle briefed participants on the three fundamentals of campaigning: Organization, Communications, and Fundraising.  Sessions also offered practical insights on demographics and targeting, as well as drafting a campaign plan and budget.  

Friday, October 13th Schedule

Are You Ready to Run? 
Assessment of you, your time, family and career. The important question of WHY you want to run.
Whitney Waite,  President, The Waite Company

Do’s Don’ts and How To’s
Review of paperwork and filing requirements. How to get on the ballot, the political calendar, financial reporting schedule and other requirements.

Drafting a Campaign Plan
The importance of having a campaign plan. Discussion of Strategy v. Tactics.
Eric Foglesong, President, Focus Strategies LLC

Working Lunch, Sponsored by LEAD Brevard
Time: Your Most Valuable Resource
Reviewing typical campaign challenges of scheduling and time management. Engaging and empowering volunteers and hiring key staff.
Kathryn Rudloff, Executive Director Business Voice Political Committee

A practical guide to setting fundraising goals, establishing processes to stay compliant, making the “ask”, and planning events.
Rick Porter, Political Capital Florida

How to Get Your Message Out: Cost v. Effectiveness v. Time. Advertisements, Mail, Earned Media, Social Media and Walking.  Discuss Polling and Message Testing.
Jon Anderson, President, Mad Dog Mail

Coffee Break, Sponsored by Craig Technologies

Online Communication
Utilizing Social Media and Online Advertising To Communicate With Targeted Voters.
Olivia McDonald, Digital Media Specialist, McBride Marketing Group

Panel Discussion: Stories from the Campaign Trail
A panel of experienced candidates will share the wisdom they have learned on the campaign trail and take questions.
Tina Descovich,  Brevard County School Board
Kendall Moore,  President, Space Coast Strategy, INC
Dana Blickley,  Brevard County Property Appraiser

Networking Reception
Participants and their significant others will be joined by our panel of former candidates, Business Voice investors, guests, sponsors and speakers for a private networking reception.


Saturday, October 14th Schedule

Breakfast sponsored by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Elements of a Campaign Budget
Ways to estimate costs realistically and prioritize resources.
Wayne Bertsch, President, Civility Management, LLC

Demographics and Targeting Part 1: Know your Electorate Using past electoral data and current voter registration to identify your target voters. Discuss methods and timing to maximize effectiveness in reaching them.
Matt Mitchell, Director of Research, Data Targeting

Demographics and Targeting part 2: Vendor panel

Panel of consultants discussing how to reconcile your target demographics with your budget in order to maximize resources.
Matt Mitchell, Data Targeting
Whitney Waite,  President, The Waite Company
Wayne Bertsch, President, Civility Management, LLC

Working Lunch Sponsored by HBCA of Brevard
Partisan Engagement
Discussion about engaging local partisan activist base.
Representatives from local Republican and Democratic Executive Committees

About Business Voice
Presentation on the history and mission of Business Voice Political Committee.
Kathryn Rudloff, Executive Director Business Voice Political Committee

State of the State
Briefing by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. A big picture view of Florida demographics, economy and pressing policy issues.
Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy for the Florida Chamber of Commerce

State of the County
Briefing by the EDC of Florida’s Space Coast  on our local economy, opportunities and challenges.
Gregory J. Weiner, Senior Director, Business Development, Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

Finally, here is a great list of further resources and reading compiled by SLATE.