Here you will find links to view the interview questions, compiled by the committee chairs, as well as links to view the resumes, responses to pre-interview questions and notes from past interviews.

In an effort to save time and trees, I will have a limited number of copies printed out and in binders for review during the interviews.  I encourage you to review this information ahead of time and then print any documents you would like to have, or bring your tablet or laptop to review electronically during interviews.

Note: items in red are hyperlinks to either their previously submitted bio and answers to pre-intrview questions, or notes from their previous interview.  Please excuse my terrible handwriting and spelling 😉   Not all candidates submitted the requested resume and pre-interview questions or were not received in time to share.  I will update if they come in.

General Election Interview for House District 53 

BVPAC Legislative Questions 2018

Randy Fine’s  2018  interview Notes from May 2018.

Phil Moore 2018  Primary interview notes and General Election Notes

There is no question that Rep. Fine has the support of PACs, lobbyists and large corporations who are active in Tally politics like the FL Chamber and AIF, but we wanted to see if Randy did have base of support in Brevard, that perhaps we were not aware of.  So we looked at his contribution list by donor.  You can see full report on FL Division of Elections page HERE.  But this is the summary:

Where Money is Coming From





PAC’s and Outside Brevard County

$ 56,905.12 $ 89,210.00 $ 146,115.12


Brevard County

$ 18,634.42 $ 11,364.28 $ 29,998.70


Outside of Florida

$ 8,750.00 $ 16,750.00 $ 25,500.00


$ 201,613.82

Wednesday APRIL 25th

8:00am Matt Flemming D County Commission D4
9:00 am Goodson House District 51
10:15 room A VanVolkenburgh House District 52
11:00  Room A Hodgers House District 52
11:45 -12:15  pm LUNCH
12:15 room A Thomas Senator
1:00   room A Mayfield Senator
2:00   room A LaPlante County Commission Disctrict 5
2:30   room A Pritchett County Commission District 1
3:15     room A Tumulty House District 51
4:00     room A Workman Senator
8:00 room B Young Commission District 3
9:00  room B Tobia Commission District 3
10:00 room B Foster Commission District 3
10:45 room B
11:30 – 12:15pm LUNCH
12:15 pm Collins HD 50
2:00 pm Miller HD 52
2:30 pm Hardee HD 50
3:00pm Ashby HD 50
4:45 pm Coach P HD 50
8:00 Medina District 5
9:00 Nix District 1
9:45 Isnardi District 5